Wonderfully refreshing and – if you prepare it yourself or ask friends or family to do so – a great inexpensive variety of a champagne reception: the fruit punch.

The great thing about it: You can prepare a lot of it if required – and still serve it fresh.

How to:

  • Take fresh fruit – for example strawberries – fresh mint, lime, sparkling wine/champagne and wine. Choose good quality alcohol, because it would be a pity if the wedding party developed a collective headache.
  • Put all ingredients in a large container and cool it. A summer drink should be served refreshingly cold. The punch can be prepared and cooled one day in advance.

Tip on the fruit:
If you prepare the Bowle inkl. fruit early, the fruits will be well infused with alcohol (and of course accordingly strong…). The fruits are then also a little “mushy”. Therefore: If you prefer the fruits fresh, add them just before serving.

If you prefer the fruit fresh and not too mushy, add it just before serving

Please add the sparkling wine just before serving, otherwise it will lose its sparkling and the punch will become stale. Do not add ice cubes to the punch: they melt quickly and water down the drink.

Serving tip:
Depending on the size of the wedding party, it is especially nice to serve the drink in trendy drinking glasses: Cups with screw cap and straw are mega practical: Nobody spills their beautiful robe. BUT: Please do NOT use a straw made of plastic if possible!

Non-alcoholic punch:

Of course we also have a non-alcoholic version ready for you:
Instead of wine & sparkling wine mix the punch with mineral water. For sweetening you can add fruit juice.